About Us

Dar al-Nadwah For Law

A legal coalition specialized in providing all legal services and advice, as this legal house was established since 1987 by the lawyer Sauda Salem in the city of Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The coalition consists of a group of lawyers, consultants, and specialized legal experts with distinguished competencies and scientific qualifications who have high scientific and practical experience, all of which have combined to provide our clients with the high quality of services and specialized legal advice.

Our History

Hermann Law Group was founded by Richard Hermann in 1995 in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Richard used to work in the field of international trade law, but he has seen through his personal experiences the extent to which immigrants need legal services in their pursuit of prosperity, not only in their working lives, but also in their personal lives. Richard - a top immigration attorney - and his team have since gained nearly twenty years of experience helping immigrants succeed.

At the local level in Cleveland, Richard helped strengthen the immigrant community, and to this day continues to champion the vulnerable, as Richard believes Cleveland and a number of other major cities are at a turning point in terms of growth. The Hermann Law Group has expanded to have law firms in seven regions of Ohio and Michigan, and can provide legal services to clients wherever they are, inside or outside the United States.

Our Mission

The most prominent law firm in the United States, they specialize in all aspects of immigration law, including family immigration, work immigration, naturalization, citizenship, deportation, exclusion and investor immigration. Our team of diligent attorneys vigorously defend immigrants' rights and freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution, regardless of whether they are citizens, and whether or not they are documented. We encourage diversity and equality in all societies, and strive to be prominent advocates for immigrant rights, as we deeply believe that immigrants increase America's power.