Steps to remove criminal judgments from the computer of the Ministry of Interior: -

The criminal judgments are fixed and registered in three places belonging to the Ministry of the Interior, which are:

First: The Ministry of Interior network affiliated with the civil registry, and on it the final judgments that the accused have implemented appear on them, which are the judgments that are recorded and appear in the chips only, and the method for clearing the judgment in this case is through a request for rehabilitation, where this request is submitted to the criminal court to which the judgment residence Provided that the legal period has passed since the execution of the judgment, taking into account that the first misdemeanor is not recorded in the fraud.

Second: The Public Security Enforcement Administration Network, and this shows all the cases in which judgments were issued, even if they were not executed, and they are registered and present in the departments and ambushes, but they are not registered in the criminal offense in the event that the accused does not implement these judgments, regardless of the cases he has.

In this case, the aforementioned statement, if the accused goes to work a fish, then upon receiving him the next day, he may be detained or arrested as soon as he is examined, and in order for these judgments to be removed from the computer, a certificate must be extracted from the schedule and referred to the Directorate or General Security and Execution Judgment Unit. In Tora, as well as the card of the accused, then that authority inquires about the validity of the testimony, and if it is valid, it will be paid and the certificate is signed as valid.

Third: The criminal information network or the criminal registration card, and this is an information card for the accused in which the personal name and name of his father are written, as well as his reputation, criminal record, degree of danger and physical characteristics, and the purpose of that is to identify the registrants danger and it is registered when the accused comes out on bail or innocence, Where he appears in the investigation show, and the accused is sent to the Security Directorate in order to register that he is accused in such a case.

The truth is that in this case it will be difficult to remove the name of the accused from him because the Minister of Interior has issued a periodic letter No. 7 of 2013 regarding the conditions that must be met in order to remove and wipe a name from the criminal information, which is that five years have passed since the last accusation without issuing a ruling after that. A committee is held in the General Security every 3 months to submit the request.

In most cases, the formed committee rejects the removal process, because the accused is a dangerous registrar, and for this the lawyer files a lawsuit in the State Council called the erasure and deletion of criminal information from the smart information card, and there are many judgments issued in favor of the accused in this regard