How to obtain a tax card and commercial registry:

You must choose the location (apartment / store) where you want to start your business, then you sign a contract (rent / ownership) for it, and you submit this contract to the real estate registration office where the project is located.

Then you submit an application for proof of its history and complete it on the same day (for a fee), then go to the tax authority where the item that contains the following documents is located: (lease / ownership contract) and (date verified).

Submit the identity of the project owner through the original and copy of your national identity card, a copy of the most recent electrical receipts.

You can get a tax card application form through the tax authority, then you need to fill in all the data on the project leader application form.

At the same time, you need to take into account the accuracy of the data and the need to match them with the project site specifications, and then the competent employees can complete the remaining data related to the tax department.

Then the tax authority representative arranges to verify the project site within 24 to 48 hours from the date of submitting the documents, and the competent personnel inspect the project site.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the existence of the project residence and to match the data mentioned in the application form on the tax card with the actual form of the project site.

After verification and approval of the application to issue a tax card, the Tax Authority will provide you with your tax registration number.

They will also schedule an appointment for you to collect the tax card within two weeks to one month.


How to extract the commercial registry


1- Steps to extract the commercial register

After completing the steps for withdrawing the tax card, and during the specified period for receiving the card, the Tax Authority issues a letter to the Chamber of Commerce.

Reports that the project owner has submitted all the necessary documents and obtained the tax registration number.

At this time, you must go to the Chamber of Commerce to which the institution belongs and obtain the following documents: A letter from the Tax Authority to the Chamber of Commerce.

A copy of the national identity of the project owner, a copy of the company contract (if any), a copy of the project site contract, a copy of the most recent electricity bill.

You apply for a (license to practice the profession certificate), you can obtain the license certificate by filling out the application form for a small fee.

After you get the practice certificate, you fill out an application to open the commercial registry, after that you pay the prescribed fees to retrieve the business registration documents, and then the business registration department will set an appointment for you to collect your records.

2- Other methods of extracting the commercial register

If you have previously obtained a tax card, in addition to (the original and scanned copy of the tax card),

You will also use the same documents that we mentioned to go to the Chamber of Commerce for administration, and start extracting the commercial registry with the same previous steps.