Procedures for extracting a decision of guardianship and information of inheritance:

The applicant for guardianship and the person who has the capacity, who is often the mother or his representative, submits an application to the Personal Status Court "family court" to which his domicile belongs,

Attached with this request:

1 - Death Certificate.

2 - A copy of his ID (national number).

3- A copy of the birth certificates of minors.

4 - If a minor is someone over 16 years of age, a copy of his study card or a copy of his ID will be presented.

5 - The assets of these documents shall be with him in reserve to be viewed and given to him again.

A session is set for the issuance of the guardianship decision, and the date of the session varies from one court to another, but usually within three weeks or a month, after which the decision is issued, then the applicant for the guardianship can obtain a copy of it.


Then another session is set to examine the legacy of the deceased, determine the share of minors and spare it, and often the minors ’share is deposited in the bank in a special account from which it is not permissible to spend it except after the guardianship is removed from them when the minor reaches the age of adulthood or the issuance of permission for the guardian to disburse from the competent judge.

Second: Procedures or how to extract flags of genetics.

A request for information of inheritance is submitted to the same court mentioned above, which is (the Personal Status Court “Family Court” to which his domicile belongs) from any of the heirs or in other words from any of the heirs of the deceased, and the following request is attached:

1 - Death certificate.

2 - If there is a minor inheritance, the guardianship decision shall also be attached.

3- A copy of the applicant's ID.