Legal and ecclesiastical legal work and personal status cases

  • Carrying out the legal and legal procedures before any Sharia court, ecclesiastical court of first instance, appellate or supreme on behalf of others in any cases or transactions from the day of their submission until the last transaction in which they are executed, and this includes attendance on behalf of others before any council or committee and at the enforcement departments or any department Another official work related to what is entrusted to him in the Sharia and ecclesiastical courts.
  • Organizing documents and regulations for use in Sharia and ecclesiastical courts, giving opinion or advice to clients in legal, ecclesiastical and legal issues, and prosecuting all transactions that fall within the scope of legal and ecclesiastical legal work.
  • Providing legal advice and trust in all legal and ecclesiastical issues, including issues of marriage, divorce, alimony, inheritance, gift, will, custody, proof of majority, proof of parentage, control and liquidation of inheritance, guardianship, guardianship, inheritance, stone, dismantling, proof of maturity, setting up values, guardian and dismissal of them, and everything that happens between the spouses and its source is the marriage contract and everything that It concerns personal status between Muslims and Christians.